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Chronic Pain

Untreated pain patients

Untreated Chronic Pain Patients
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This community is for people of any age that suffer from chronic pain and are untreated for any reaon.

I have had pain for 10 years, I have been through many many months of physical therapy, 2 sugeries and delt with several disrespectful doctors. I often feel suicidal as I am so frustrated that I can not get rid of this pain and I cant seem to find a doctor to help me!
I have recently encountered many people here on LJ who suffer from chronic pain are are untreated because they are young or have an alternative look (tattoos, piercings dyed hair etc)or just because they dont have health insurance.

THIS COMMUNITY IS FOR YOU! Lets get together,get organized, get noticed, try to find some sort of treatment or at least some relief and a sympathetic ear!